About Me

Hi! My name is Sasha. I am the designer and owner of a look: design.

Fun facts about me…..
  • I love trucker hats!
  • I’m a total typography nerd.
  • Summer in Southern Oregon is incredible.
  • New landscapes and faces are what make road trips worth driving.
  • I have an incredible family.
  • The bigger the earring the better.
  • Traveling is amazing and I love going on adventures.
  • Lake days are my favorite days.
  • If I’m not behind a computer creating great art, I’m probably behind a canvas painting.
  • I love to teach.
  • In fact, I am an adjunct professor at Southern Oregon University and I teach graphic design.
  • I recently received my Masters of Arts in Teaching @ SOU.
  • My car is messy but the home screen on my computer is spotless.
  • I get a lot of inspiration while driving.
  • I have a crooked smile.
  • Once my friend did a profile on her website about me.
  • I used to be a concert promoter and venue manager.
  • Water is the best beverage but when it is turned into wine, coffee or sparkling water it’s a little more fun!
  • Laughing should be a part of everyday life- so let’s laugh when we get together!
  • I love graphic design and the contributions that is has made to shape culture.
  • Creating new work is great but the best part of my job is meeting amazing people all across the globe.
  • I really like to meet new people and partner with new clients, if you are looking for a designer please drop me an email!

Thanks for taking a look at my website! Have a great day.