20th of September, 2016




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Ride My Road, logo

Recently, I had the great pleasure of designing for a great cause. A colleague of mine hit the road on her motorcycle to ride 9K miles around the USA to raise awareness of sex trafficking. This trip is also dedicated to raising funds for scholarships for men/women/children to go through an online mentoring program with the Rebecca Bender Initiative. While on the road, Lauren will not only be riding her motorcycle but also taking photos of survivors and graduates of Rebecca’s program. It’s a pretty hefty goal to raise $60K and ride a solo motorcycle trip around the USA.

Design wise this was such a fun project to work on. Lauren had a great photo that a friend took so I basically just played around with it and created a great illustration. The typography is simple but makes a statement. A basic black/grey logo makes this very easy to pair with any color! We decided to bring the orange in from RBI for a splash of color for the banner that Lauren will be hanging up when she has events in various towns.



rmr bike

Ride My Road, banner + the monster (Lauren’s bike)




Ride My Road, banner This banner will be seen at all of the events Lauren will be doing around the States

Ride My Road, banner
This banner will be seen at all of the events Lauren will be doing around the States



On a personal note, a phrase that I’ve been hearing thrown out a lot is, “let’s get on the right side of history”. I couldn’t agree more with this phrase. We need to be on the “right” side of history when it comes to sex/human trafficking. Human beings have become one of the highest commodities in the world. Commodity. Excuse me? That word should be reserved for stuff NOT PEOPLE.

As a society, we need to say that this is not OK and start to make the changes at home. We need to be aware that trafficking is not reserved for other countries but that it is happening in our neighborhoods. We need to fight the drug of owning other people and hurting other human beings. I am so proud of my friend for taking on this challenge, for raising awareness, for raising funds and for empowering those along the way.

If you would like to read more about RIDE MY ROAD, check out their website. If you would like to donate, please see their fundraising page here.


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