Logo Design

12th of February, 2017

Logo Design

One of the best parts of this job is that I sometimes strike gold with clients. It’s not usually the norm that a client knows how to clearly communicate exactly what they want their project look and feel like. Over the summer I had an inquiry from a local creative and met up with her over coffee. She is a photographer and was planning to expand her business in a new direction and needed to start the branding process.

We had briefly met at a local creative group meeting and she told me she was looking for a graphic designer so I passed along my card. After taking a look at my portfolio she told me she really liked my style and wanted to work with me. To this day whenever someone expresses their appreciation for my work/style I’m so thankful. In turn, I did my homework and took a look at her work. I was very impressed with her creativity and elegance.

After sitting down, chatting about the future and the exciting new chapters that she was writing for her life, we got to work. Because her style had a sophisticated, elegance to it I knew that we would be creating something timeless and modern. As a photographer, she directed me beautifully on what she liked, didn’t like and would like to see more of. Finally, we settled on a gorgeous, lavender inspired logo with an elegant font that will carry her into the future.

I highly recommend Angelica for any upcoming photo shoots that you may be planning. Please visit her website to see her beautiful work!

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