Andy Shannon Painting

13th of July, 2017

Andy Shannon Painting

There is no denying that my heart beats a little faster when I get to work on a logo for a business. There is something so special about getting to work with a client and creating identity for their business. To me, it is more than just working on something that looks “cool” or will catch a customer’s eye. There is a process that the client needs to go through to discover their identity and be secure in what will represent their business.

Every person on the planet is on a journey to find who they are. Each person goes about this in many ways. The act of discovery can be fun, adventurous, challenging, hard, difficult, and a lot of work that might take some time. This discovery happens for businesses and business owners as well. Identity is a big part of a business. Whenever I have clients that decide to go with an “easy” or “cheap” route or “I know someone that can do this for a lot less” a part of me is sad. Why? Not because I’m losing dollars but because that client just chose a way that will not benefit them or their business. The process of discovery that creates identity as the end result is satisfying. It is tangible and something that every client can and will be proud to share. The “easy” or “cheap” route will often result in a client coming back or changing everything very shortly after they have gone down the “quick” route. Creating identity does not have to be hard or very expensive but it should be taken seriously and seen as an investment.

I am currently in a Master’s program, in addition to running a business and teaching at the local University. I have been very selective with choosing projects and clients the past few months because of my various commitments. However, I will almost always say “yes” when it comes to working on identity projects because they are the heart of what I do and who I am. When my brother-in-law (Andy Shannon Painting) came to me to re-do his identity for his business (with a strong idea, no less!) I said a “yes!” very quickly to him. He had a great idea to work off of so that made the process a little quicker. It is also great to work with clients who have already been in business for awhile and have a pretty good idea where they are headed, what they do, and how they want to represent themselves.

A few points from this logo that I really enjoyed:


  • Typography is a very important part of a logo. I do not usually gravitate toward a decorative font when creating identity because a lot of decorative fonts do not have a lot of flexibility. However, the decorative font that we chose for this logo is strong, easy to read, and reflects perfectly the nature of the business (painting).
  • I love the use of nature as well. I know that Andy loves to hike, get outdoors. He is a true Southern Oregonian. If you are not familiar with Southern Oregon it is an amazing place. Some even call it magical. Full of rivers, mountains, pine trees, lakes, etc. there is a lot of beauty. Using some of this beauty is a great way to connect what Andy loves with what he does. Andy is a painter and brings beauty and color into the world of his clients, which is very much what nature does with everyone.
  • Color is also important in creating identity. Every identity does not require to color but when an identity has elements of nature is feels very appropriate. Andy had an original logo that was full of a lot of color which I think rightly reflects what his business is. For this new design, we kept the bright green but toned down the rest of the palette. I believe that by doing that we put more of a focus on his message- that he is a painter, he does an amazing job, and it will be a great investment for your future.

Keep a look out for this new design coming to a home near you! If you are in need of some painting done in your business and/or home give Andy a call, he is truly uncommonly meticulous and surprisingly affordable!

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