LBP Label Update

12th of October, 2017

LBP Label Update

The area of label design is one that I enjoy and feel very challenged in. There are a lot of intricacies of label design that the average consumer does not always think of when they quickly look at a label. From the illustration, font choice, color scheme, size, shape, and of course, bar code placement and nutritional facts/FDA requirements (if applicable) to the wording of labels that generally have specifics that need to be stated, like directions and ingredients. These all need to be taken into consideration before embarking on the actual design.

Liz is one of my recurring clients (and best friend), we have a lot of history working together and always have a great time. She used to do her body product business full time and then took a break to write a book and pursue other endeavors. However, after many of her faithful customers kept asking when they could buy some new soap, lotion, etc… she decided it was time to look at supplying those demands on a seasonal basis. This decision required a look at her label supply and realizing there wasn’t one it, was a great time to update her labels.



The above label was just one in the line of many different products. There were many different labels for body splash, soap, bath bombs, fizzies, lotions, and scrubs. Each of these products had their own label and each of the labels had a specific die cut (specialty cut). The basic idea of the label kept this look and feel with the same color, illustration, and fonts with a space on each of the labels for a fragrance sticker that went in that blank circle on each label. For the new label it was time to also address all of the die cuts for each product. Since the product offerings were going to be simplified the label needed to reflect that. Liz creates all of the product on her own, as well as, does all of the labeling and wrapping of her products. It was time to make the label a bit easier to get ready for customers and displays at fairs and shops.

The updated label is the same size and shape for all of her bottles that get labeled. We updated the color to a beautiful, neutral grey. This change allows any color in the fragrance center to become the focal point. Gone are the days of adding a fragrance sticker to every label. We added the fragrance to the label for easier printing and a little less work. Because Liz was happy with the way that the original labels looked the updates were pretty minimal but they completely updated her look. Simply by changing the color of the label and changing the shape this gave her a new, sleek, and elegant look.






If you are in need of some new body products I cannot recommend this enough! I am a faithful customer. Check out the Liz’s Body Products website for more fragrances and current products.

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