Eat Your Feels

1st of April, 2018

Eat Your Feels

I am going into my last few months of my Grad School experience. School, teaching, designing and a few other things have kept my calendar very full! I was planning on getting a blog up showing work that I’ve been doing every month but because of all that has been keeping my calendar full- blogging hasn’t been making it’s way on my “to do” list, or it has but I just haven’t crossed it off in a very long time! So, my goal to blog monthly is starting, now. I have been working on some amazing projects the past few months that I am excited to start to put up on the blog. I was a part of a local creative group styled shoot where I created some wedding invitations, a few logos for upcoming businesses and the focus of this blog (a podcast), illustrations for a new apparel line, a book cover, continued newsletters and ads, and a few more production pieces. So, yes, it has been a full few months… and then…..

When friends of yours move to a new city and decide to start a podcast all about food, the most logical thing to do is work with them to create a logo. Venturing to a new city is challenging and exciting. Add to that starting a podcast that gets you out into your new city, trying new foods and getting to talk about it, is a pretty great way to acclimate yourself into your new surroundings.

Navigating the “friend” and “client” space seems to be a familiar place for me in my design experience. I have created a special word for this relationship that pops up every now and again as I grow and develop my business. These “frients” are an important part of my growth and I am thankful that I have friends in my sphere that are venturing out pursuing dreams, trying new avenues of revenue, and creating an image for themselves among to crowd.

David and Brea, of the “Eat Your Feels” podcast, that is all about food. There is history, jokes, and a lot of awesome information that you never want to the do research on but always wanted to know! David and Brea wanted a logo that had a fun feel to it, something that would reflect their personalities, and something that would be easily recognizable as people scroll through various podcasts to listen to. I had created a t-shirt design for a coffee shop that David and I worked at based off of some fun conversations we had. While the owners of the shop didn’t really want to do anything with the design, David saw the potential and wanted to expand the idea and apply the unique idea to their logo design.

It was such a pleasure working with David and Brea on this logo. I wish them much success and am very excited to continue to listen to their podcast.

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